Victorian Transport Assistance Scheme for Rural Patients

Victorian Transport Assistance for Rural patients scheme (VPTAS) Program Payment is available for you to attend one of our specialists at the Digestive Health Centre.

Are you eligible for a travel or Accommodation reimbursement from the Victorian Government?

Travel reimbursement applies if you are a resident in rural Victoria in a designated area (Please see map below) and traveling at least 100km one way to see a medical specialist for medical treatment.

Accommodation reimbursement applies if you receive accommodation assistance up to a maximum of $41.00 per night. This may be available to the applicant and their approved escort if:

  • they stay in commercial accommodation – that is, any accommodation that is registered as a business and has an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • the specialist completes the VPTAS claim form stating the number of nights of accommodation required
  • the specialist approves that partner or carer can accompany the applicant (they must be 18 years of age or older).

Check VPTAS website for more information

What is the VPTAS process?

People who wish to receive VPTAS assistance need to take the following steps:

  1. Check you are eligible.
  2. Find out what assistance is available.
  3. Find out who can be an approved patient escort.
  4. Fill in the VPTAS claim form.
  5. Have the VPTAS claim form completed by an approved medical specialist.
  6. Send the VPTAS form and required receipts to the VPTAS office.

The Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme’s (VPTAS) guidelines and feedback policies are now available for download in 11 different community languages from the Health Translations website.

Your family doctor will advise you as to your eligibility in obtaining Victorian rural patient transport assistance reimbursement. The scheme can also provide accommodation reimbursement to assist in covering the costs of your medical care if you are traveling over 100km

Our approved medical specialists must sign the claim form before you lodgement.

VPTAS travel and accommodation claim form


Map of 5 rural Victorian regions shown in blue that are eligible for the VPTAS scheme