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Dr Wayne Friedman

Dr Wayne Friedman is a Gastroenterologist and Monash University 1991 graduate with honours.

Wayne specialises in Colonoscopy in addition to polyp removal (polypectomy).

Colonoscopy is especially relevant in the prevention, screening and treatment of colon (bowel) cancer and other diseases of the large intestine.

He also performs Gastroscopy procedures focusing on diagnosing, preventing and treating digestive diseases.

A Gastroscopy consequently can detect early stomach cancers, cancer of the oesophagus in addition to pre-cancerous changes too.

Dr Friedman performs Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy procedures at 2 locations, shown below.

Wayne is a member of RACP, GESA, ASGE and regularly attends local and international conferences.

Dr Friedman is also one of our most experienced gastroenterologists on our team.



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Dr Friedman is at the following locations

Consulting Locations
Digestive Health Centre (primary location) 90 David Street, Dandenong 97918788
Blackburn Specialist Centre 195 Whitehorse Rd, Blackburn 97068411
Rowville Health 12 St Lawrence way, Rowville 97641617
All Medical 9706 8411
Endoscopy Locations (Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy)
Digestive Health Centre (primary location) 90 David Street, Dandenong 97918788
Epworth Eastern Endoscopy Suite 1 Arnold Street, Box Hill 97068411